Tuesday, March 6, 2007

protecting your swap cards

It is important that you store your swap cards correctly otherwise you will destroy their re-sale value (and a little piece of history!). There are 2 main ways to store and display your cards, either in paper albums or in plastic pages.

PAPER ALBUMS have either adhesive photo corners or pre-cut slots. Although paper albums create a nice backdrop for the cards (especially the ones with black pages and multiple Victorian style cut paper borders), over time permanent indentations appear on the card corners and this will affect re-sale value. Paper albums also do not protect the cards from wear and dirt, you'd be surprised how much wear can occur just by turning the pages!

PLASTIC POCKETS OR PAGES. These are the best choice as they not only protect the cards but won't cause indentations. Make sure the pages are archival safe (acid free) because vinyl pages can stick to the card surface and cause inks to "bleed", especially if exposed to heat, cold or humidity.

The main supplier of these type of pages is UltraPro, but they only come in 9 pockets per page which annoys many collectors as pairs or sets of 4 can't be displayed neatly. They are also a little too wide for regular sized cards (fit wides nicely though) and if you tip your folder the top row tends to fall out.

Sick of not finding the perfect album for my swap cards, I ended up getting some custom made! These albums are available in my OZtion vShop (CLICK HERE TO VIEW). Below are pictures of the albums and pages (note red album was difficult to photograph accurately due to depth of colour): Click thumbnails to enlarge. Fist series shows the front padded cover and available colours, then a shot of the pages with cards in them.

inside the albums

shots showing inside of albums

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